Interculturality could be a barrier in trade negotiations

In this world more and more gloablised, developing your intercultural negotiation skills is a must for all those who have to negotiate with people from other cultures: it could be your bosses, your colleagues, your partners, your foreign clients... Defining the concept of negotiation It is essential to know the main concepts of negotiation. Generally, [...]

Cross-cultural negotiation in business

Conducting cross-cultural negotiations has become common practice in this globalised environment. It is not necessary to travel internationally to take part in intercultural exchanges. This is why intercultural skills are fundamental, because they are not only linked to an international environment, they are essential within the same country, within any organisation and within any function. [...]

The diagnosis of intercultural skills: the corner stone of a negotiation agreement

Today with globalisation, intercultural negotiation is at the heart of every company. As a result, for a negotiation to be successful, it requires a long preparation beforehand and a large mobilisation of cultural knowledge which must be taken into account in international negotiation processes. There are different negotiation strategies and tactics depending on the culture [...]

International negotiation : what are the stakes ?

Thanks to globalisation, many companies, both public and private, are expanding their activities in foreign countries in order to grow their business and expand internationally. In the context of these activities, it is essential to master the art of negotiation in order to convince stakeholders to adhere to the organisation's objectives. This skill is often [...]

Intercultural negotiation in tommorrow’s world

As the world has opened up to globalisation, it is now essential to have intercultural skills. Communicating with someone from a different culture requires a specific methodology to that culture. However, nearly 90% of people fail in a negotiation agreement because the strategy deployed is not appropriate.  Mastering intercultural business negotiation is today the key [...]

International business negotiation : a strategic game

Today, almost 90% of people fail in a negotiation agreement because they do not use the right strategy. Every culture has a different way of approaching problem solving, the phenomenon of power and contact with others such as colleagues, superiors etc... Each culture has its own strategy Indeed, it must be considered that anyone in [...]

Instagram : Quizz, competitions…

Negolevel is pleased to share with you its new Instagram page. The main objective of this page is to make you interact with us ! Negolevel proposes you to participate to different competitions, numerous quizzes to test your knowledge in intercultural business affairs ! Feel free to follow us and share the information and above [...]

The 5 key stages of the negotiation process

The people who will be involved in the strategic deployment of the company internationally are the key decision-makers within the organisation. To succeed in their internationalisation, companies, including start-ups, must mobilise their executives with a high level of responsibility, those who have the skills to manage international or intercultural negotiation.  The main actors in international [...]